There are three type of reports offered in the platform from the “Reporting” menu:

1: Report Dashboard: these are visual bar charts that illustrate spend by a set of pre defined criteria such as: country of spend, month, merchant, expense type etc… if you hover over the bar you can access the spend details and also see the  full report by selecting the “Full report” button to the top right of each chart

2: Pre-Built Reports: help individuals and business better manage spend the platform comes with a set of predefined reports listed on the right of the Dashboard chart view.  The predefined reports are grouped in to 3 categories: Report builder (see below), Spend Reports that cover both a visual (cube chart/tree map view) and list view of spend by a board set of dimensions.  You can edit the date range, export to PDF / CSV, and change the dimensions of the cube chart.  Transactional data that supports the each cube chart is listed below each data plot.

3: Report Builder: is the first option presented on the right hand side of the Dashboard and provides the ability to create and save and export to CSV, your own bespoke, custom built reports.