Once you have successfully logged-in to the platform you will be presented with the initial Dashboard.  Here you will see a summary of the activity in the platform that your role allows you to view.  The Dashboard is made up of a Timeline of expense activity structured as Status Cards at the top of the dashboard, as well as a set of Quick Links to capabilities associated with the platform. An example Dashboard is presented below.

Customize your dashboard by selecting 'edit' on the top-right-hand side of the screen 

Select the 'x' next each widget you wish to remove from the dashboard view

Select confirm to save your changes

Your changes can be reverted back by selecting 'restore default layout'

Dashboard components:

  • Purchases: Business expenses that you plan on making that may require pre-approval.  This covers both business Travel Requests and General Requests to purchase items from Amazon Business such as computer equipment, stationery, marketing activities and or events.  If the Pre-Purchase module is not active for you this will not be shown on the Dashboard.
  • Justify: This is where you need to either: justify expenses you have incurred on a company pay account such as a Corporate Credit Card or additional accounts such as Uber for Business Account (Taxi), or Create and justify Personal Pay items you wish to be reimbursed for. If the Spend Management module is not active for you this will not be shown on the Dashboard.
  • Approve: This is where expenses that have been triggered for approval are presented.  Approvals are either manager based, i.e. the person you report to will approve your expenses, or trigger based on a Finance configuration.  If the Spend Management module is not active for you this will not be shown on the Dashboard.
  • Review: Depending on the configuration of your instance, expenses may be routed to be reviewed by Finance for policy, audit or tax purposes.  This stage in the process represents those expenses that have been flagged for review.  If the Spend Management module is not active for you this will not be shown on the Dashboard.
  • Process: Depending on the configuration of your expense platform, items that are complete yet have not left the system to trigger reimbursement or pass to your finance system are presented here.  Items are grouped by corporate pay and personal pay so you know at anytime how much you need to reconcile against a corporate pay account, or how much you need to be reimbursed.  If the Spend Management module is not active for you this will not be shown on the Dashboard.

The platform supports five main roles:

  1. User – this is all about you, your profile, your travel, spending and expense activity, you will see all your expenses relating to your personal activity and the accounts that you are able to use in the service
  2. Manager/Supervisor or APPROVE – this is all about the activity in the service that you are responsible for overseeing, approving and reviewing
  3. Finance – this role as a governance role for reviewing spend activity for accuracy and compliance and review.
  4. Administrator – this is all about the overall business activity – who is asking for what, who has spent where and who and what expenses have been completed for reconciliation and payment.
  5. Arranger – this role while on the travel site (go to book travel - select the blue 'book' button) once logged into the travel site, you have access to arrange travel on behalf of other users in your company.

Depending on your role there are a number of menu icons allowing you to access different services, the number of menu items varies depending on what configuration you have defined and your role:

  • The Profile icon at the top is where you can access your profile and details. Access your user profile by clicking the three dots next to your initials. You can also log out from this menu.
  • The HOME = House icon allows you to access the Dashboard / Home page of the service – All Users
  • The PURCHASE = Shopping basket icon allows you to search for and purchase Travel, Goods and Services as well as create Budget for open spend – All Users
  • The SPEND = Receipt icon accesses your list of transactions to justify or review / approve as well as your receipts – All Users
  • The AUTHORIZE – Check list with pen icon is where users who are required to Pre-approve spend or budgets go – Managers / Supervisors
  • The RECONCILE = Scales £/$ lead you to our reconciliation module – Administrators
  • The RECEIPTS = Paper icon is where you can access receipts you've uploaded via your desktop or mobile (for expense reimbursement). Or, access copies of your travel itineraries and download travel invoices. 
  • The REPORT =  – Bar Chart is our reporting module – All Users
  • The SETTINGS = Cog allows you to access our configuration and settings – Administrators
  • The ? icon gives you access to the Knowledge base – All Users
  • The Exit Arrow icon lets you log out of the service – All Users