You have the flexibility to build your travel policy as you would like to see it.  You can set policy by threshold (i.e. flights over $500 round-trip are out of policy). Or, by a % over the lowest $ choice (for example, a flight selection that exceeds 20% of the cheapest avail. option is flagged as out of policy).  

How do you set policy?  You would let us know what you would like to set up - we build the policy for you!

Default travel policy settings in Neo1. 

  • Business class allowed over 6 hours
  • Economy preferred and shown first unless it’s after 8 hours and then business is shown first
  • Economy rail preferred and shown first but first-class rail is allowed
  • All hotels complaint 
  • Air Premium Economy is allowed although, Economy is shown first

Further, you can set-up pre-trip approvals. You have three options:

  1. Option 1: All travel requires 100% approval - all trips, regardless of amount require approval. Supervisor must approve within 24 hours or the flight goes back to draft status

    • Note: pre-approval will not trigger when a selection is made for immediate purchase options (i.e. for airfare, low cost carriers such as Frontier, Spirit are non-ticket airlines. Or, if a pre-payment option was selected for a hotel and train)

  2. Option 2: Only travel that is out of policy requires approval - travel selected that is out of policy i.e. rules set by $ threshold or % variance requires approval. Essentially, anything that you set as out of policy, routes to the user's Supervisor for approval. Again, Supervisor must approve within 24 hours or the trip goes back to draft status. 

  3. Option: No pre-approval required to book travel -  This is the default setting in Neo1. No approval is required to book a trip.  The Supervisor assigned to a user profiles receives an 'FYI' email only when a trip is booked - but, is not required to approve that trip.

If you would like to change the defaults for your travel policy or add pre-trip approval - email: with the exact changes you would like made and the Neo1 team will set this up for you.