Audience: Supervisor 


In this article, we will walkthrough the spend management experience for assigned supervisors. 

As well as a full, easy to use process for users to create and work with purchases there are a number of features designed for Managers to be able to easily review and either approve / reject spend.  If you need to action an Approval, the platform will indicate this by a circle counter on the Authorize menu.


Who is a Manager?

Working with the screens

Who is a Manager?

A manager in the platform is a User who has one of the following conditions met:

  • They are defined as the Supervisor of a user in a Users’ Profile which is set-up by the Company Administrator for each User under the “User” menu option or loaded into the service via the HR interface.  Here a Manager is responsible for Supervising the spend of their assigned Users (employees).
  • They are assigned to and responsible for a Accounting Code configured in the companies Accounting view under “Settings”.  Here a Manager is responsible for Supervising the spend allocated to their assigned Segment Codes (eg. Project Codes for Project Managers or Departments for Department Managers).

Being a Manager in the platform is not an Assigned role like Administration or Finance it is an implied role based on the above conditions being met.

All users in the system require a Supervisor to be established in order for them to create and justify transactions, that way we support the basic compliance framework of responsibility, accountability and traceability of business spend.

Working with the screens

The process to review and approve transactions is simple, and can be completed in 3 steps:

Step 1: From the left hand side navigation menu select “Authorize” once selected you will see the list of transactions requiring your attention. These transactions are grouped in to three categories listed under separate page tabs: Budget, Purchase and Spend. 

Example 1: Budget Request:

Example 2: Purchase requests (from Amazon Business)

Example 3: Spend requests (expense transactions submitted for reimbursement)

Step 2: Review the details of the spend request or transaction. 

  • For Spend requests, simply select the “View” button to the right of the transaction line to see the below view of all spend details.  List of transactions to action are on the left, the core transaction details, coding purpose are in the center and to the right is the receipt or justification of a missing paper receipt.

  • Step 3: Select Approve or Reject as appropriate. If you select Reject you are prompted to provide a reason for the user to be able to make any required changes

Tip: Managers are unable to edit transaction details. Please reject and return the expense, as necessary. 

Within the rejection, you can provide details surrounding the desired changes.