1. Admin Setup Guides

    Admin guides to get you up and running, quick and easy.

    1. Setting up new users in Neo1

    2. What Roles Can be Assign to a User?

    3. How to log as another user (as a delegate)

    4. Travel Host Role - Allowing users to create guests

    5. Managing User Profiles

    6. Invite/Re-invite Users

    7. Travel Setup Basics: Load Users & Update Traveler Profiles

    8. How To Add a Company Level Payment Method (for Travel)

    9. How To Add a Company Level Loyalty Program (Air/Car)

    10. Understanding and Managing Email Notifications (Travel)

    11. About Amex GBT Travel

    12. Managing Travel Policy

    13. Purchase, Justify, Approve : 3 steps to managing employee spend

    14. Getting started...

    15. Manual Integration

    16. Creating Fields

    17. Field Dependencies

    18. Default automation rules

    19. Segment Code Owners

    20. Mapping Expense Types

    21. Setting Mileage Rates

    22. Setting Tax Codes (rates)

    23. Connect Corporate Card

    24. Creating and managing spend policies

    25. Authorize users to create cash expenses

    26. Map Connected Cards to Users

    27. End-to-End Test for Spend Management

    28. Team Training for Spend Management

    29. Getting Started with Amazon Business in Neo1: Link Neo1 to your Amazon Business account

    30. How does Neo1 help me manage budgets for employee spend?

    31. Connecting Neo1 to Xero Accounting

    32. Connecting Neo1 to Sage Accounting Online

    33. Connecting Neo1 to Quickbooks

    34. How to Register a Company on Neo1 (2 Stages)

    35. How to request a password re-set

    36. Integrations (Into Neo1)

    37. 8-Minute System Demo - Neo1

    38. Company Settings Overview

    39. How to log as another user

    40. Onboarding Overview

    41. Watch a pre-recorded onboarding call

  2. Mobile Apps

    Mobilize Spend Management and Travel On-the-Go

    1. Download and setup the Amex GBT Mobile App (for Travel only)

    2. How to book travel with the Amex GBT Mobile App

    3. Video - Mobile Receipt Capture & Creating a New Expense line

    4. Neo1 Mobile App - Receipt Capture for Spend Management

  3. Budgets

    Unlock Financial Fitness: Mastering the Importance of Budgets

    1. Understanding Budgets

    2. Creating a Budget

    3. Tagging Transactions and Tracking Budget Spend

    4. Budgets : For Admins and Supervisors

    5. Budget Reporting

  4. Travel - Book & Manage

    Setup your travel profile, book and manage trips

    1. Amex GBT Travel Counsellor (Phone/Mobile/Chat Support)

    2. WhatsApp Support for Travel (US only)

    3. Where to find ticket/fare conditions online

    4. Update Your Personal Profile

    5. Update a User Profile (as an Admin)

    6. Individual payment card(s) for travel

    7. Shared (centralized) payment card(s) for travel

    8. How to Book a Flight

    9. How to Book a Hotel

    10. How to Book a Car Rental

    11. How to Book a Train

    12. How to place a hold on a trip

    13. How to Add a Hotel or Car Rental to a Flight booking

    14. Webinar - How to Seamlessly Book Travel with Neo1!

    15. UK Rail - Trainline Bookings (UK only)

    16. NDC Fares in Neo1

    17. Assigning the Arranger Role

    18. How to Book Travel (Arrange) for Others

    19. Create and Book Travel for a Guest

    20. How to Duplicate a Trip Itinerary (for Another Traveler)

    21. Can Group or multiple passengers be added to a single trip record?

    22. How to Share a Trip

    23. How to Modify or Cancel a Trip

    24. How to Add a Hotel, Car or Train to a Trip

    25. How to Change Fare/Class (Airfare)

    26. Locate a Draft or Booked Trip (User)

    27. View All Company Trips (Admin or Arranger)

    28. Access Travel Invoices (receipts) (US only)

    29. US - Paying for Travel & Locating Invoices/Receipts

    30. UK - Paying for Travel & Locating Invoices/Receipts

    31. Travel Policy and Pre-Trip Approval

    32. How to Approve Travel (as a Supervisor)

    33. Where to find Airline Credits for all users - Admin/Arranger (US only)

    34. How to use Airline Credits

    35. Sync Trip Details: Find Airline Reference in Neo1

  5. Reporting

    For Admins & Users: learn how to reports and access data for Travel and Spend management

    1. Spend Reporting Dashboard

    2. Predefined Spend Reports

    3. Spend Report Builder

    4. Multi Company Reporting

    5. Travel Reports

    6. Travel Reports (including Tag/Purpose)

  6. Expense - Submit & Manage

    Submit Out-of-Pocket or Credit Card Transactions

    1. Spend Management for End Users

    2. Manager/ Supervisor Role - Spend Management

    3. Finance Role - Spend Management

    4. Working with Account Delegations

    5. Neo1 Homepage Dashboard

    6. What is the Expense Timeline?

    7. VIDEO_Create and Approve Expense Lines

    8. How to Update a User's Personal Profile

    9. Submit company card transactions (from daily file feed)

    10. Manually create out of pocket or company card transactions

    11. How to approve an expense line (transaction)

    12. How to Claim Mileage

    13. Reconciliation: Running Extracts from Neo1

    14. How to create and group transactions

    15. Where can I find extract files?

  7. Virtual Cards

    Issue virtual Cards, drive efficiency and improve real-time visibility with budget integration and enhanced controls

    1. What are virtual Cards?

    2. Virtual Card Common Use Cases

    3. How do virtual Cards work in Neo1? (End-to-end overview)

    4. Why use virtual Cards in my business?

    5. How to connect Business Cards (and issue virtual Cards)

    6. Approving Budgets to fund virtual Cards

    7. Managing virtual Cards as an Admin

    8. How to connect Corporate Cards and issue virtual Cards

    9. Preparing for your virtual Card to be issued

    10. Viewing your virtual Card in Neo1

    11. Requesting a budget to fund your virtual Card in Neo1

    12. Adding your virtual Card to your mobile wallet (iOS and Android)

    13. Using your virtual Card to book travel with AmexGBT

    14. Using your virtual Card to make purchases online

    15. Modifying a budget for virtual Card funding as an Admin for another user

    16. Understanding virtual Card Status

    17. Getting Help for virtual Cards

  8. Amazon Business

    User Guides: How to purchase from Amazon Business

    1. How to buy on Amazon Business through Neo1

    2. Managing Addresses in Amazon Business

    3. Maximise VAT reclaim with Amazon Business

    4. How to define a delivery address when Purchasing on Amazon Business

  9. Platform Information & Releases

    The latest platform information and release notes

    1. System Updates

    2. Release Notes - May 2024

    3. Release Notes - April 2024

    4. Release Notes - March 2024

    5. Release notes - February 2024

    6. Release notes - End of January 2024 - Neo1 design change

    7. Release Notes - January 2024

    8. November 2023 - Enhancements, Updates and Changes

  10. Neo1 Academy

    Neo1 Mastery: All-in-One Spend Management. Dive into Travel, Expenses, Budgets, Virtual Cards, Amazon Business, and more for comprehensive success.

    1. Welcome Email Template (US)

    2. Welcome Email Template (UK)