1. Setting up Neo1 (Admin Guides)

    Admin guides to get you up and running, quick and easy.

    1. Setting up new users in Neo1

    2. What Roles Can be Assign to a User?

    3. How as a Delegate - Into Another User Profile

    4. Travel Host Role - Allowing users to create guests

    5. How To Add a Company Level Payment Method (for Travel)

    6. About Amex GBT Travel

    7. Setting up your business for spend management

    8. How do I configure financial segments / my chart of accounts?

    9. Company Settings Overview

    10. How can I change tax codes and rates?

    11. Purchase, Justify, Approve. 3 steps to managing employee spend

    12. How do I manage expense types?

    13. Where can I find extract files?

    14. How do I manage accruals?

    15. Enabling Users to create Cash Expenses

    16. Creating and Managing Mileage Rates in Neo1 (Admin Guide)

    17. Getting Started with Amazon Business in Neo1: Link Neo1 to your Amazon Business account

    18. How does Neo1 help me manage budgets for employee spend?

    19. Connecting Neo1 to Xero Accounting

    20. Video Demo: Connecting to Xero > exporting a charge to Xero

    21. Connecting Neo1 to Sage Accounting Online

    22. Connecting Neo1 to Quickbooks

    23. Manually Setting up Neo1 for your Finance System

    24. Reconciliation: Running Extracts from Neo1

    25. About Neo1

    26. How to Register a Company on Neo1 (2 Stages)

    27. How to request a password re-set

    28. Integrations (Into Neo1)

    29. 8-Minute System Demo - Neo1

    30. Adding a Delegate to Your Profile

  2. Travel

    How to setup your travel profile and book a trip

    1. Update Traveler Profile For Another User (Admin rights)

    2. Update Traveler Profile (for yourself)

    3. How to Book a Flight

    4. How to Book a Hotel

    5. How to Book a Car Rental

    6. How to book travel

    7. How to book a train

    8. How to place a hold on a trip

    9. How to use trip planning capabilities ‘Door 2 Door'

    10. How to Modify or Cancel a Trip

    11. How to Add a Hotel, Car or Train to a Trip

    12. How to Share a Trip

    13. How to Change Fare Class (Airfare)

    14. Assigning the Arranger role

    15. How to Book Travel (Arrange) for Others

    16. Book Travel for a Guest

    17. How to Duplicate a Trip Itinerary (for Another Traveler)

    18. Can Group or multiple passengers be added to a single trip record?

    19. How to find a Draft or Booked Trip

    20. Access Travel Invoices (receipts) (US only)

    21. How to see my Company Trips (as an Admin and Arranger)

    22. How to Approve Travel (as a Supervisor)

    23. Getting Offline Support from a Travel Counsellor

    24. Whats App Support for Travel

  3. Spend Management

    How to submit out of pocket or credit card transactions

    1. Spend Management for End Users

    2. Spend Management for Managers / Supervisors

    3. Spend Management: Tasks for Finance Users

    4. Working with Account Delegations

    5. Video - Mobile Receipt Capture & Creating a New Expense line

    6. Home Page Dashboard

    7. Spend Workflow

    8. What is the Expense Timeline?

    9. Create and Approve Expense Lines (Video)

    10. Claiming Mileage in Neo1 (Users Guide)

  4. Amazon Business

    How to purchase from Amazon Business

    1. How to buy on Amazon Business through Neo1

    2. Managing Addresses in Amazon Business

    3. Maximise VAT reclaim with Amazon Business

    4. How to define a delivery address when Purchasing on Amazon Business

  5. Budgets

    How to set-up and use budgets

  6. Mobile Apps

    Documentation and setting up our mobile apps

    1. Download and setup the Amex GBT Mobile App (for Travel only)

    2. How to book travel with the Amex GBT Mobile App

    3. Neo1 Mobile App - Receipt Capture for Spend Management

  7. Reporting & BI

    How to pull reports and access data for Travel and Spend management

    1. What are the types of report I can access?

    2. Reporting Basics (Spend Management Only)

    3. Reporting Dashboard

    4. Predefined Reports

    5. Report Builder

    6. Multi Company Reporting

  8. Platform Information & Releases (Coming Soon)

    The latest platform information and release notes

    1. System Updates

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