Audience: Supervisor


If an approval is set up for your company then there are two ways to approve the trip. 

Option 1 - By the email that will be send to the supervisor to approve the trip or Option 2 - in the Neo booking tool.


Option 1 - Approve by Email

Step 1: As a supervisor you will receive an email with the subject: 

                A decision is required for 'name of traveller' non-compliant journey (Paris Charles de                         Gaulle 31/03/2022 -#IQTQAS)

Step 2:  Click on Review request and approve the trip

Option 2 - Approve through the Neo Booking tool

Step 1: Login to Neo1 and click on Travel

Step 2: Click on Book Trip. This will take you to the Neo online booking tool.

Step 3: Click on Approval and then Trips on the top of the page

Step 4: A list of the trips to approve will show on the next screen where you can approve the trip.