Travel - Book & Manage

  1. Traveler Assistance (Support)

    1. Amex GBT Travel Counsellor (Phone/Mobile/Chat Support)

    2. WhatsApp Support for Travel (US only)

    3. Where to find ticket/fare conditions online

  2. User Profile

    1. Update Your Personal Profile

    2. Update a User Profile (as an Admin)

  3. Travel Payment Methods

    1. Individual payment card(s) for travel

    2. Shared (centralized) payment card(s) for travel

  4. Book Travel: Self (User)

    1. How to Book a Flight

    2. How to Book a Hotel

    3. How to Book a Car Rental

    4. How to Book a Train

    5. How to place a hold on a trip

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  5. Book Travel: For User (Admin/Arranger)

    1. Assigning the Arranger Role

    2. How to Book Travel (Arrange) for Others

  6. Book Travel: Guest/Non-Employee (Host Role)

    1. Create and Book Travel for a Guest

  7. Group Travel (Duplicate a Trip)

    1. How to Duplicate a Trip Itinerary (for Another Traveler)

    2. Can Group or multiple passengers be added to a single trip record?

  8. Change/Modify/Cancel a Trip

    1. How to Share a Trip

    2. How to Modify or Cancel a Trip

    3. How to Add a Hotel, Car or Train to a Trip

    4. How to Change Fare/Class (Airfare)

  9. Locate Trips (User/Arranger/Admin)

    1. Locate a Draft or Booked Trip (User)

    2. View All Company Trips (Admin or Arranger)

  10. Travel Invoices (receipts)

    1. Access Travel Invoices (receipts) (US only)

    2. US - Paying for Travel & Locating Invoices/Receipts

    3. UK - Paying for Travel & Locating Invoices/Receipts

  11. Travel Policy (requires set-up)

    1. Travel Policy and Pre-Trip Approval

    2. How to Approve Travel (as a Supervisor)

  12. Airline Credits (US only)

    1. Where to find Airline Credits for all users - Admin/Arranger (US only)

    2. How to use Airline Credits

  13. Find Trip on Airline Website/App

    1. Sync Trip Details: Find Airline Reference in Neo1