1. Set-up a Traveler Profile (DOB, Loyalty Programs etc.)

    1. Update Traveler Profile For Another User (Admin rights)

    2. Update Traveler Profile (for yourself)

  2. Book a Flight / Hotel / Car / Train

    1. How to Book a Flight

    2. How to Book a Hotel

    3. How to Book a Car Rental

    4. How to Book a Train

    5. How to place a hold on a trip

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  3. Plan your trip - 'door-to-door'

    1. How to use trip planning capabilities ‘Door 2 Door'

  4. Share / Modify / or Cancel a Reservation

    1. How to Modify or Cancel a Trip

    2. How to Add a Hotel, Car or Train to a Trip

    3. How to Share a Trip

  5. How to Change Fare/Class (Airfare)

    1. How to Change Fare/Class (Airfare)

  6. Book Travel for Another User (Admin or Arranger Role)

    1. Assigning the Arranger role

    2. How to Book Travel (Arrange) for Others

  7. Book Travel for a Guest (Non-Employee)

    1. Book Travel for a Guest

  8. Duplicate a Trip (Group Travel)

    1. How to Duplicate a Trip Itinerary (for Another Traveler)

    2. Can Group or multiple passengers be added to a single trip record?

  9. Find your Draft or Booked Trips

    1. How to find a Draft or Booked Trip

  10. Understanding Travel Payment Methods

    1. Individual payment card(s) for travel

    2. Shared (centralized) payment card(s) for travel

  11. Access Travel Invoices (receipts)

    1. Access Travel Invoices (receipts) (US only)

  12. See Your Companies Trips (as an Admin or Arranger)

    1. How to see my Company Trips (as an Admin and Arranger)

  13. How to Approve Travel (as a Supervisor)

    1. How to Approve Travel (as a Supervisor)

  14. Support Channels for Travelers

    1. Getting Offline Support from a Travel Counsellor

    2. Whats App Support for Travel

  15. Delegate Your Travel Approval (for pre-trip approval set-up only)

  16. Homepage Page Dashboard (Edit/Customize)

  17. How to set-up pre-trip approval and travel policy

    1. Travel Policy and Pre-Trip Approval

    2. How to make changes to the Neo1 Default Travel Policy

  18. How to View and Use Airline Credits (US only)

    1. Where to find your Airline Credits (US only)

    2. Where to find Airline Credits for all users - Admin/Arranger (US only)

    3. How to use Airline Credits

  19. How to Pay for Travel and Where to Find Invoices/Receipts

    1. How to Pay for Travel and Where to Find Invoices/Receipts (US)

    2. How to Pay for Travel and Where to Find Invoices/Receipts (UK)