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In this article, let's cover how to book a train. 

First, ensure your travel profile is up to date - How to review and edit your personal profile

Neo is a fully featured travel solution able to handle complex and advanced travel requirements. Content is provided for 

  • All commercially available airlines including the GBT Preferred Extras program, offering negotiated rates across numerous routes and airlines. Also book low-cost carriers such as Southwest, Spirit and Frontier Airlines

  • Hotels (including GBT Preferred Extras discounts,, Expedia hotel content)

  • Bookable US Rail via Amtrak and UK rail via The Trainline Business.

The vast majority of trips can be booked quickly using 3 principles, search, select and book.

Step 1: 

To begin a new trip booking from Neo1, start by logging into Neo1, select the Travel tab (left-menu)

Step 2: Click Book Trip. This will take you to the Neo online booking tool. 

Step 3: Choose your Travel Type (Train) and search parameters (trip type, From and To, Dates and Times)

On Train searches you can expand Advanced Search to search for a particular cabin class, direct only results and flexibility options. 

Once you have completed your parameters, click Search

Step 4: Select your train and rate

  • Neo will now complete a search across all content sources for your required parameters. The next screen you see will present the options available. 

  • The flights result screen will display available options, along with two sets of filters. You can do traditional filters such as stops, carriers, connections along the top of the screen, and some smart filters including Recommended, Earliest, Fastest and Cheapest below this.

    Recommended is a smart recommendation based on your search criteria, price and any policy you have configured. 

You can select the expand icon to see additional information such as routing, class and refund/modification rules for the fare. 

Step 5: Click on Select, and if you have selected a round trip, you will be presented with the available return train options.

Step 6: You will be taken to the Trip Itinerary page where you can book the train or add another segment such as flights, car rental and/or a hotel segment.

Here you can View Fare Details to understand flexibility and penalties for changes and modification, or Change Fare/Class to search for additional fares and cabin classes. You can return to the train search to change your selection by clicking Change Selection


Once you have completed your itinerary, you can click on the green Book button to complete a checkout of all travel segments in one action. You will be shown a series of screens which will depend on the travel segments you have included, displaying the cancellation policy for each to ensure you have accepted the terms of sale.

Step 7: After you accepted all the supplier terms and policies, click on Book to make the final booking. You will receive an itinerary for all segments within 30 minutes of booking directly from American Express Global Business Travel, and an invoice for any air segments within 48 hours. This itinerary will include a number to call for any on-trip support or changes/modifications to online booked trips.