Travel Arrangers and Admins can quickly search and book travel for employees and guest travelers, edit profile settings, view traveller's current and past trips and store frequently used itineraries as templates.

By default, all Neo1 Administrators have the capability to arrange travel for others. You can grant users the ability to book travel for others by granting them the arranger role. 

As a travel arranger, you can book for others by accessing the travel booking site as you would for your own bookings. Click on Travel and then Book a Trip.

IMPORTANT: Travellers must have first completed their Traveller Profile before travel can be arranged on their behalf. Please see the article How to Update your Travel Profile(User) or 

Complete a Travel Profile for another User(Admin Role). If this has not been completed, the date of birth, phone number and loyalty programs for the traveller will be missing and the booking will not be possible.


Booking Trips for others (Arranger and Admin role)

Step 1 - Click Travel or choose Book Travel from the dashboard. 

Step 2 - Click on Book a trip.

Step 3 - Select A Company Employee and then Save and Go to travel to open the booking tool.

Step 4 - You will need to select the traveler you want to book for. Once you land on the travel booking platform, you have the message Working for yourself in the top right hand corner under your name - this reminds you which traveller you are currently booking travel for.

-    To select the traveler you want to book for, Click on Users You Manage

-    Click on Select behind the name of the traveler you want to book for.


Once you have selected your employee, the top right notification on the screen will update to indicate you are working behalf of someone else. Once you see this, you have 'stepped into' this users profile, booking will be exactly the same as if the user is doing this. The travellers own form of payment will be used, as will their loyalty programs. Tickets will be issued in their name


*********TIP******** Before you select a traveler from the the list under Users You Manage you can also go top right hand corner where you can see who you are working for and click on the dropdown. Here you can also search for and choose which traveller to book for, and access a list of recently managed travellers by selecting Manage Other User


When you place a booking, the traveler will receive the confirmation itinerary email and invoice via email for their own expenses.

To view all company trips see the guide - How to see my Company Trips (as an Admin and Arranger)