There are two routes for changing or modifying a trip, dependant on the type of travel and when the trip was booked and if it has already been ticketed.

1. Air / Rail / Car Changes before ticketing (straight after booking) & All Hotels

Option 1 - Trips booked more than 24 hours ago

Step 1 Click on 'Travel'

Step 2 - Hover with your mouse over the end of the line of the trip you want to view. Click on the eyeball symbol that appears.

This will take you to the trip in the booking tool where you can view the trip and make modifications.


Note - The list of trips won't include trips made in the past 24 hours. Please see the second option how you can view trips booked in the past 24 hours.

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Step 3 - When you are on the page with the itinerary then click on ... Actions

Step 4 - Click on Modify flights or Cancel flights

Option 2 - Trips booked within 24 hours

Step 1 - Click on 'Travel'

Step 2 - Click on Book a trip.

Step 3 - Click on Home

Step 4 - Click on Trip list

Step 4 - Click on the blue name of the trip. This will take you to the trip where you can modify or cancel the trip

Step 5 - When you are on the page with the itinerary then click on ... Actions

Step 6 - Click on Modify flights or Cancel flights

2. Air / Rail / Car Changes after ticketing.

If you have already received your itinerary, it may be too late to make online changes as the supplier may have 'ticketed' your booking. You can try the steps above, but it may not be possible to modify or cancel an itinerary.


For modifications and cancellations in this scenario, please call the American Express GBT offline travel team. Our team of Travel experts are here to assist.


24/7 Travel team phone number

US: +1-669-272-1301, press option 2

UK: +44 (0)20 3788 4019, press option 2