The used air ticket/credit management system in Amex GBT is automated, and whenever a non-refundable ticket is cancelled either online or offline we begin the process of agreeing the credit voucher with the airline and hold this in a central database for future use.


It can take a few days for the automated credit to appear in the online tool. Follow the steps below to see your airline credit in the Online Booking Tool:


Step 1 - From your Neo1 dashboard go to ‘Travel’ and click on ‘Book’ and select 'A company employee'  – this will take you to the online booking tool


Step 2 - Once you logged in to the booking tool click on 'Trip list' - All travelers



Step 3 – Click  ‘Unused tickets’ on the right hand-side.



Clicking here will show all the unused ticket numbers and the value, as well as the date they expire with the airline: