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In this article, let's walk through the hotel booking process. Before booking, please ensure your profile is up to date. See this article - How to review and edit your personal profile - for assistance. Updating your profile will ensure a more seamless booking experience. 


How to book a hotel

How to book a hotel

Step 1: Log in to Neo1 and select Travel from the left hand navigation menu.

Step 2: Click on Book Trip. This will take you to the Neo online booking tool.


Step 3: Choose your Travel Type (Hotel) and input your search parameters (Location or Hotel name and the check-in and check-out date).

Step 4: Select a hotel. Hotel results will be shown as cards on the left side of the screen, and a map of results on the right (Under the rate you can see what type of rate this is - Standard vs. American Express).

On the top of the page you can use different filters. (Stars, Hotel Name, Hotel Chain and Amenities, Eco friendly)

Once you have selected a property, the map view is replaced by the hotel information card. This includes details on the chosen rate (Neo will search multiple content sources and propose the cheapest available rate) and amenities available.

Step 5: Click on View hotel to See all available rooms and the Rate Details which will include the flexibility and cancellation policy and payment policy:

Pre-paid/deposit rates - you will be charged at time of booking or Guarantee/Pay at the property rate - payment card will be used to guarantee the rate, however travelers will need to settle the bill at the hotel at time of check-in/out.

Tip: Certain rate types require a loyalty code, so that must be present in your profile in order to successfully book. 

You will store your code(s) in the loyalty programs section of your profile. 

You can also filter by the following: In policy only, Breakfast included, Free cancellation, Rate type, Payment policy and Bed type 

Step 6: Click on Select next to the rate you want to add to your itinerary. 

Step 7: You will be taken to the Trip Itinerary page where you can book the hotel or add another segment such as flight, car rental and/or a train segment.

Here you can review the Rate Details again. As desired, you can return to the hotel search to change your selection by clicking on Change Hotel. 


Once you have reviewed and finalized your itinerary, click on the green Book button to initiate booking of all included travel segments. You will be shown a series of screens which will depend on the travel segments you have included, displaying the cancellation policy for each to ensure you have reviewed and accepted the defined terms. 

Step 8After you accept all the supplier terms and policies, click on Book to confirm the booking request. Once the booking is finalized, you will receive an itinerary for all segments within 30 minutes of booking directly from American Express Global Business Travel. This itinerary will include a number to call for any on-trip support or changes/modifications to online booked trips.

Tip: If you include a prepaid hotel rate or rail/airfare in your itinerary, you will also receive invoices/receipts for those segments. 

Alternatively, billing documents to support post-pay content (hotel, car) are provided from the vendor during the reservation. 

See this article for more details on how to pay for travel and where to find invoices/receipts.

Next Steps: Now that you've booked your hotel, let's review how to modify or cancel a trip