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Below, please find all information regarding payment methods/option for booking Air/Rail/Hotel/Car rental in Neo1 and where you will find receipts/invoices



Air travel is always prepaid with the card that is stored in the traveler's profile in Neo1 AmexGBT will send the invoice by email.

The traveler and a Neo1 Admin can also download the invoice within the Neo1 platform under Receipts --> Travel receipts. Click on this link for the full guide

US Rail - Amtrak 

Amtrak tickets are always prepaid with the card that is stored in the traveler’s profile in Neo1. The receipt will be sent directly to the traveler after booking.

Car rental


Unless you enter into an agreement with a specific rental supplier, they will always require a payment method to be presented which matches the name of the traveler. 

This is not specific to Neo1/Amex GBT, and is unfortunately the nature of travel. The card on file is used to guarantee the rental, but they will always need a payment card matching the rental to hand over the keys. 

You can choose to sign up with a particular provider and arrange for a billing ID number, which we can load into Neo1 for you. This will allow you to be centrally billed for the car rental. If not established, the traveler will pay upon check-in. 

Please reach out to your preferred car rental vendor(s) for more information.


In Neo there are 2 types of hotel rates:

  • Prepaid/Deposit Rates – A deposit or full payment for the stay will be taken at time of booking. When a prepaid rate is booked, the traveler will not be asked for payment of the room on check-in/out (they may still be asked for a card for any incidentals). 


Advance Prepayment rates tend to have less flexibility (if any) but do mean the traveler does not need to show payment to the hotel. It is also worth noting the Amex GBT negotiated rates tend to be post pay (guarantee rates) as corporate travelers tend not to want prepayment rates due to the lack of flexibility or allowed cancelation. 


  • Guarantee/Pay at the Property Rates – The payment card in the traveler’s profile in Neo1 is used to guarantee the hotel. The traveler will need to settle the bill upon check-in/out with a payment card in their own name.


You can provide hotels with a payment authorization form for each stay. When a traveler books a hotel room with a post pay (guarantee rate), you would need to contact the property and ask them for a credit card authorization form which would be completed and sent back to them authorizing them to take payment at checkout on the stored payment card even though the name is different to the traveler.


Hotel invoices – Hotels are responsible for issuing the invoice. Hotels will give the final invoice to the traveler upon check-out. Even if this room has a pre-paid rate.

If an Expedia Prepaid rate is booked then the Expedia receipt will be sent to the traveler directly. The email with the receipt will come from


Below is the example of how the receipt appears:

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Below you find examples on how to recognize and book Prepaid or Guarantee Rates


Prepaid (pay at time of booking -  also called advanced payment rate) - If you choose a prepay/deposit rate then check in the rate details if the full amount is taken or just a deposit amount.

Post Pay (pay at checkout, also called a guarantee rate)



When you select a hotel, you can click on Change Room/Rate to see all available rates and their payment conditions. When viewing the available rooms/rates, you can use a filter to see prepay or post-pay only: