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Neo1 allows you to better control travel spend by customizing your travel policy settings. Policy parameters can be set for Air, Rail, Hotel and Car. You can restrict by class and set thresholds (i.e. Economy in policy for airfare, and hotels under $300/night in policy). You can also establish a pre-trip approval requirement, allowing trips to be approved by a supervisor prior to booking. Travel policy is applicable to online bookings only. Trips booked offline will bypass travel policy settings. The default travel policy can be found below. 

Default travel policy settings in Neo1


  • Business class allowed over 6 hours
  • Economy rail preferred and shown first, but first-class rail is allowed
  • All hotels in policy
  • Air Premium Economy is allowed although, Economy is shown first


  • First class allowed
  • Business class allowed
  • Air Premium Economy is allowed although, Economy is shown first
  • Economy preferred and shown first
  • Economy rail preferred and shown first, but first-class rail is allowed
  • All hotels in policy


Understanding traveler groups

When submitting travel setting preferences, you will be given the option to setup travel policy based on two traveler groups - General and Executive. The General policy will be set to include the standard restrictions applicable for most (or all) travelers. Setting an Executive policy is optional, and doing so will allow you to create an alternative policy for those team members who require less travel restrictions. 

Traveler group assignment is managed by Admins, and can be set when creating a user. All users are set to the General traveler group by default. To update traveler group assignment please go to Settings > Users and click the pencil Edit icon next to the appropriate user name. Traveler group assignment will determine which policy restrictions are applicable to that user. 

Understanding pre-trip approval options 

In addition to settings travel policy, you have the option to set pre-trip approval. Pre-trip approval is applicable to online bookings only, and the approval settings options are below:

Option 1: No pre-approval required to book travel -  This is the default setting in Neo1. No approval is required to book a trip.  The Supervisor assigned to a user profiles receives an 'FYI' email only when a trip is booked - but, is not required to approve that trip. 

Option 2: Only travel that is out of policy requires approval - travel selected that is out of policy i.e. rules set by $ threshold or % variance requires approval. Essentially, anything that you set as out of policy, routes to the user's Supervisor for approval. Again, Supervisor must approve within 24 hours or the trip goes back to draft status.  

Option 3: All travel requires 100% approval - all trips, regardless of amount require approval. Supervisor must approve within 24 hours or the flight goes back to draft status. 

Tip: Pre-approval will not trigger when a selection is made for immediate purchase options (i.e. for airfare, low cost carriers such as Frontier, Spirit are non-ticket airlines and all rail tickets). Or, if a pre-payment option was selected for a hotel)

Submitting travel policy preferences 

Upon onboarding to Neo1, we encourage you to set your travel policy settings, as desired. You will do so by completing one of the forms below (specific to your country), and our team will configure this against your account.

Neo1 Travel Settings (US) 

Neo1 Travel Settings (UK)

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