Audience: Neo1 Admins


Once you have enrolled your business for virtual Cards, there are a number of features in Neo1 where you can manage your card program

You can manage:

  • Authorized users who will receive a virtual Card. This includes managing any missing areas in the user profile if the required information has not been completed by the user themself.
  • Unauthorizing users for a virtual Card, should the employee be terminated or no longer need access to this functionality. 
  • The mapping of physical cards to users. This is required for any physical plastic cards in your program to ensure the transactions are routed to the correct user in Neo1.
  • Viewing all issued virtual Cards in Neo1, including status, current funding and spend status and funding validity period.


Authorizing Users to receive a virtual Card

These steps will allow you to view which users are currently authorized to recieve a virtual Card in Neo1, plus additionally authorize new or additional employees which have not already been granted this access to this feature through the enrollment process.

Step 1: As an Admin user, log into Neo1 and click Settings on the left-hand menu. Here you will see a tile called Virtual Cards. Click on the blue link called Authorized as virtual Card users to access the list.

Step 2: The summary of virtual Cards under your enrolled card program will now show. Here you can see the status of the current authorized employees which would have been selected previously or during the enrollment process. To add a new employee, click Add virtual Card Holder

Step 3: A menu will appear, allowing you to select one of the employees you have previously loaded into Neo1 as a user which are not presently authorized for virtual Card use. Select any employees you wish to recieve a virtual Card and click confirm.

Step 4: This employee will now appear in the list shown in Step 2.  This will probably show as In Progress, which means the card has been requested from the Issuer, and this can take a few minutes to be completed. Once this has been generated for the employee, this will turn to Processed. You may need to refresh the screen in your web browser to see the update in status on this page.

Step 5: Only needed if status shows as: Pending User information

If the status shows as pending user information, it means some of the mandatory information to request a virtual Card from the issuer has not been provided by the employee in their user profile. Employees should be directed to this article which lists how to update the profile with the missing information. Once this has been updated, the request will automatically be processed to issue the virtual Card.

Alternativley, as an Admin you can complete these information fields yourself instead of instructing the employee to do this. Hover the mouse over the user you have created, and click on the pencil icon on the right hand side as shown below (you will see here, the phone number, date of birth and home address are missing):

You will be taken through 2 screens to complete this missing information. To begin, enter the employees date of birth and phone number, then click Save and Continue

Next enter the employee's home address, and click Confirm. This will now be processed by the Card Issuer, you can refresh this page for the latest status.

Tip: Its recommended to email out to all employees before starting this process, asking
them to complete their profiles using this guide.

Unauthorizing users who no longer need a virtual Card 

In the event you need to remove a virtual card from an employee, you can unauthorize them for access in a similar way we authorize them above.

Important: This process is not reversible. If you unauthorize a user, they will not be able to have another virtual Card granted to them in Neo1. If you just wish to remove their access to funding, please follow this guide:  Modifying a budget for virtual Card funding as an Admin for another user

Step 1: As an Admin, navigate to Settings > Authorized as virtual Card users as per Step 1 above. Find the user in the table you wish to unauthorize and hover the mouse over the table entry. You will see a red X icon appear, click this to begin the process.

Step 2: Neo1 will warn you with the message below. To confirm the un-authorization process, click Confirm.

The user will now be removed from this table. Their virtual card will appear as Cancelled in the view of all virtual Cards, covered in the Section below (Viewing all issued virtual Cards). The changes are immediate, and the card will no longer work as a payment method at any merchant.

Tip: Deactivating a user will automatically cancel any Neo1 issued virtual cards. 

Viewing all issued virtual Cards

Follow these steps to view the status of all issued virtual Cards in Neo1, including the currently authorized amount (funding available to spend), the used amount to date and the validity period of the funding.

Step 1: As an Admin, click Settings on the left-hand menu and select Payment Methods on the top menu which will appear. 

Step 2: All company payment methods will be show. Look for the section called Virtual Cards and hover your mouse over this to expose the action buttons, shown below. Click on the eyeball icon to view all virtual Cards issued to users. 

Step 3: The next screen will show the status of all virtual cards issued.  The fields to note are:

Authorized Amount: The amount of funding currently authorized thorough a budget and available to spend.

Status: The status of the Card. Active = Available to Spend. Cancelled = Card cancelled for any spend.

Used amount: Amount of available funding currently spent.

Creation Date: The date the Card was created with the Issuer

Validity: The funding window, showing the date the funding will no longer be available

Step 4: You can click onto a row (or select the eyeball) to see extra detail, such as funding history, linked transactions (spend) and linked budgets requesting funding.

Mapping physical Cards to Neo1 Users 

Once the card connection is established, your physical card activity will be available within Neo1. To properly assign transaction activity, you must map each card to the appropriate 

Step 1: As an Admin, click Settings on the left-hand menu and select Payment Methods on the top menu which will appear. 

Step 2: Click the eyeball icon to view all physical cards associated with your connected funding card

Step 2: Click Change next to the desired card to open the assignee panel 

Step 3: Search for and select the desired user, and click Confirm