American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) is the world’s leading business partner for managed travel. We help drive businesses forward with the powerful backing of 18,000 travel professionals in over 140 countries.

Companies of all sizes turn to us to help them define and carry out travel goals and strategies, make the most of their meetings and events or receive guidance on their travel program, probably because no other company has more credibility or experience in managing the networks, channels, processes, and technology needed to make sure travelers are present where they’re needed most. 


With our backing, your employees and businesses will be supported before, during, and after each trip with customized tools and personalized service. By partnering with us, you’ll have what it takes to streamline operations, improve traveler care, reduce risk, and increase savings.


Helping businesses prosper is our purpose. How we do that is clearly outlined in our value proposition that delivers: global consistency and security; best-in-class traveler care; breakthrough technology; proven savings; and actionable insights.

Global Consistency and Security

Our vast presence and resources across the globe bring you the best rates, the most travel partner options, and real-time trip-related information. As the most highly regulated travel management company, we have tight internal controls and oversight of third-party vendors so you can have peace of mind.

Best-in-Class Traveler Care
Wherever your travelers are present, so are we—answering their needs with quick, personalized, proactive service—however they like. And we help you take care of your travelers with these solutions:

  • 24/7 service from our global network of travel counselors
  • Amex GBT Mobile app that lets travelers manage every aspect of their trip
  • our proprietary traveler location tool that lets you pinpoint, prioritize, and communicate with your travelers in a time of crisis

Proven Savings and Actionable Insights
GBT serves as a progressive connection between travel providers and our clients. We negotiate preferential rates with providers to benefit clients. Our proprietary data infrastructure consolidates and integrates your travel data so you can see what is and isn’t working to drive greater efficiency.