Setting up Neo1 (Admin Guides)

  1. Onboarding Training (Admins)

    1. Onboarding Overview

    2. Watch a pre-recorded onboarding call

  2. Set-up/Manage Users & Assign Roles (Admins)

    1. Setting up new users in Neo1

    2. What Roles Can be Assign to a User?

    3. How as a Delegate - Into Another User Profile

    4. Travel Host Role - Allowing users to create guests

    5. Managing User Profiles

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  3. Set-up Travel (Admins)

    1. Travel Setup Basics: Load Users & Update Traveler Profiles

    2. How To Add a Company Level Payment Method (for Travel)

    3. How To Add a Company Level Loyalty Program (Air/Car)

    4. Understanding and Managing Email Notifications (Travel)

    5. About Amex GBT Travel

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  4. Set-up Spend Management (Admins)

    1. Purchase, Justify, Approve : 3 steps to managing employee spend

    2. Getting started...

    3. Manual Integration

    4. Creating Segments

    5. Segment Dependencies

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  5. Set-up Amazon Business (Admins)

    1. Getting Started with Amazon Business in Neo1: Link Neo1 to your Amazon Business account

  6. Set-up Budgets (Admins)

    1. How does Neo1 help me manage budgets for employee spend?

  7. Finance System Connection

    1. Connecting Neo1 to Xero Accounting

    2. Video Demo: Connecting to Xero > exporting a charge to Xero

    3. Connecting Neo1 to Sage Accounting Online

    4. Connecting Neo1 to Quickbooks

  8. General System Info

    1. About Neo1

    2. How to Register a Company on Neo1 (2 Stages)

    3. How to request a password re-set

    4. Integrations (Into Neo1)

    5. 8-Minute System Demo - Neo1

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