Audience: Neo1 Admin


Neo1 has the ability for travelers to create guests & book travel on their behalf. This function is used when travel needs to be booked for non-employees, clients, job candidates etc. 

This function is not enabled for users by default, this needs to be added as a role to your chosen users.

Tip: Admins and Arrangers inherit this functionality automatically.

To enable travel guests, follow this quick guide:

Step 1: As an Admin, open the Users window > Click Settings on the top right hand side, and the Users tab on the top horizontal menu under General settings

Step 2: Open the user needing to be made a Travel Host by selecting the pen icon when hovering over their row:

Step 3: Locate the field Roles, open the dropdown and select Travel Host. Click Confirm.

That's it! The user has now been upgraded to a Travel Host.