Audience: Neo1 Admin 


As an admin, you can easily manage changes to the following user details: 

  • User title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms)
  • First Name (if you need to add a middle name, please include it with first name as follows: First Name_Middle Name)
  • Email (this will also be the login)
  • Preferred Currency (used for expense entry and reporting currency)
  • Account Status (Active/Deactivated/Pending Activation)
  • Supervisor (responsible for approving purchases and expense transactions)
  • Role (Admin/Arranger/Finance/Travel Host - No role required for standard users)
  • Traveler Group(General or Executive)

Tip: If you are looking to manage additional user profile data like: DOB, Travel Documents (Passport, KTN), Loyalty programs, etc, please see this guide.

How to manage user profiles 

Step 1: In order to update a user profile, start by going to Settings > Users. 

Step 2: Find the desired user and click the pencil, edit, icon to the far right.

This will open up the edit user panel allowing you to make changes to the desired field(s). 

In the example below, we are updating the user "Status" (For users who no longer require access, we would update their status as "Deactivated"). 

Step 3: Once you have made the desired changes, click Save. 

Tip: When using Neo1 for expenses, you will note that Default Coding is an available field for user profiles. Utilizing this feature allows you to choose which Accounting Segments should be defaulted for this specific user. For example, here you can set the users Department for Cost Centre if you have these configured in Accounting Segments. This can speed up employee expense entry and lead to a better user experience. 

Tip: When deactivating a user, be advised that this will cancel the virtual Card issued through Neo1 (if applicable)