Audience: Neo1 Admins


We recognize the varying needs surrounding granting access to the platform. Some teams may wish to setup users during onboarding, and only invite those users once the admins have had the opportunity to understand and test the platform. Other teams may choose to manage travel/spend on behalf of users, and never actually require them to access the platform themselves. No matter your specific reason, we hope you find comfort in knowing that the invite process can be controlled by you, allowing invites to only be sent when you want and to whom you want. 

How to Invite Users

Step 1: When you are ready to invite a single user, you will do by going to Settings --> Users.


Step 2a:Then hover your mouse over the line of the user and click the mail "invite" icon to the far right of the appropriate user name.


This will trigger an email to that user, allowing that user to set their custom password and access the platform. 

Step 2b: If you prefer to send invites in bulk, click the box to the left of "Display Name" to select all users. Then click the Reinvite Users button.


Tip: If the user requires a password reset, you can follow the same process to re-invite them.