Note: If you have already loaded the shared corporate card into each users own profile prior to completing these steps, it is best practice to ask users to remove this from their own profile first as this may cause duplicate card issues when booking travel. Please contact us at if you need support or are unsure.

Assigning a single card to all/selected users across the company

Neo1 now supports the loading of a company level payment card, and the assignment of this to users across the business. When this is done, you can share a single corporate card across the business to pay for all airfares, trains, pre-pay hotels and guarantee post pay hotel rooms and rental cars. 

You will need to be an admin to configure this for your company.

Step 1: Create a new Payment Type

As an admin user, click Settings and Payment Methods and click the blue plus (+) icon.

Payment Methods is found on the top menu:

Step 2: Complete Payment Details

Choose the payment type Lodged Card from the dropdown menu and complete the information required, as shown in the example below:

 Click Confirm

You will now see a new Company Credit Card payment type listed:

Step 3: Modify Users Assignments (if required)

By default no users in the company will have access to this card. To modify this and enable (some) users from this shared payment method, click on the list symbol. (this will appear when you hoover your mouse over the end of the line)

This screen will show you all users in your company. By default they are unticked and they won't have access to this payment card. To enable the card for the users, ticket the box in front of their name. You can select or de-select them all in one go by clicking on the box on the top in front of Display Name.

When you deactivate a user, they will loose access to this card.

Thats it! 

How does this look to a user?

The user will see this shared company card in their own profile under payment methods, it will appear as a credit card but will be read only, with only the first 4 and last 4 digits of the card number visible:

This card will be available for booking travel, either by the user directly or by a central travel arranger / booker.