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In this article, let's train your team to use Neo1 for spend management. The below resources will prepare your team members for use of Neo1 and walk them through each step in the spend management workflow: justify - approve - review - process. See associated links to better understand the actions that must be taken by the users tasked with these actions during each step. 


Preparing Account for Spend Management

Justify (All Users)

Approve (Supervisor)

Review (Finance User)

Process (Finance or Admin User) 

Spend Data - Extracts and Reporting 

Preparing Account for Spend Management

To ensure a more seamless spend management experience with Neo1, let's familiarize ourselves with the spend dashboard and update user profiles prior to submitting our first expense(s): 

Justify (All Users)

Employees justify all spend to include travel related expenses and other business related purchases. In this step, users will complete financial coding and add receipts to justify each transaction. See this guide to better understand the spend user role/justify stage - Spend Management for End Users.

Approve (Supervisor)

See this guide to better understand the manager/supervisor role/approve stage - 

Manager/ Supervisor Role - Spend Management

Review (Finance User)

See this guide to better understand the finance role/review stage -  Finance Role - Spend Management. 

Process (Finance or Admin User) 

Here you will see all transactions that have been processed and are ready for reconciliation. This step will allow you to export your test transaction as an extract file or directly into your finance system if you have a connected integration.  

Spend Data - Extracts and Reporting 

Spend data consumed within Neo1 can be accessed in two areas: extracts and spend reports. Utilize reporting to help analyze data at the individual and business level.