Audience: Neo1 Admins


Neo1 provides travel reporting data. There are different types of reports you can run and export to a CSV file. You can run a travel report by using one of the below defaults.

  • Bookings by Traveler
  • Bookings by Service Type
  • Bookings by Status


Running travel reports

Step 1: Go to Reports

Step 2: Select Business in the top right hand section to get the data from all travel within your business (only Neo1 Admins and Neo1 Finance can run Business Reports)

Step 3: Click on Travel on the right hand side and choose the type of report you want to run

Step 4: Click the Edit data source button in the top right corner to adjust the date range of the data to meet your needs

Data Visualization – Cube Charts

Finding the best way to visualize large data sets across multiple, different, report types is a challenge to any platform, but built into your platform is an innovative way to visually represent data for the majority of the reports where a data summary is required - the cube charts. 

Cube charts allow you to summarize large amounts of data quickly across colored cubes where the size of the cube is proportional to the summarized data total across the entire data in scope. This approach allows you to easily visualize and make sense of the spend across a number of different reports, and will enable you to better manage your business spend. 

You can hover over any cube in the chart and receive more information on the data, and by clicking into the cube you instruct the platform to filter only the data you have selected - you will see the data table, below, now only shows the data relevant to the selected cube. So, you can quickly and effectively focus in on areas of spend and see the detailed data available on the transaction and the user responsible. You can reset the data table at any point by pressing on the Reset Filters button. 

Furthermore, you can control what the cube charts are telling you via a dropdown menu just below the chart itself; you have three options of the data you wish to represent: 

  • Total Billing Amount - The value of all transactions summarized into one respective cube
  • Transaction Count - The total number of individual transactions summarized into one respective cube 
  • Average Billing Amount - A calculation of the average billing amount (total/volume) of the measured unit (for example, by expense type) summarized into one respective cube

Exporting travel reports 

Step 1: Once you made your selection, you can export the data to a CSV file. Click on any line with data and scroll to the far right, or use the bar at the bottom of the page. 

Click on the download icon, and then click Export to CSV