Audience: Neo1 Admins, Supervisors and Finance Users


In this article, let's cover how to approve an expense line (transaction) as an assigned supervisor, admin or finance user. The approval process is very easy. 

Approving a transaction

Step 1: Log in to Neo1

Step 2: Click the Authorize tab in the left-hand menu 

Step 3: Review the details of the expense line (transaction).

3a. Simply select the “View” button to the right of the transaction line to see the below view of all spend details. List of transactions to action are on the left, the core transaction details, coding purpose are in the center and to the right is the receipt or justification of a missing paper receipt.

Step 4: Select Approve or Reject as appropriate. If you select Reject you are prompted to provide a reason for the user to be able to make any required changes

Tip: Approvers are not able to edit any details of a Purchase Request or Transaction, it is best practice to reject any items that are in correct or need changing back to the user responsible for the purchase / request and no amend the expense on their behalf.

Next Steps: Let's review the next step in the spend management workflow, the financial review. See this article to better understand the finance role and how to manage the associated approvals.