Audience: All Users


As a Neo1 user, there are many situations where we need to know your Address.  It may be your billing address for your payment accounts or the address where you want your Amazon purchases to be delivered.  This could be your work "Office" or your "Home" address as examples.This article will outline how to define that address for Amazon Business purchasing. 

Step 1: As a user, you can define an Address by simply navigating to your user profile, at the top right-hand side menu and select "Addresses" (User Profile>Addresses). 

Step 2: Once selected a User can edit an existing address or create a new one.  You can also assign a friendly name to the address so it is easy to remember when using it to define the delivery address for purchases.

Step 3: Once you have created your order in Amazon Business (Purchase>Amazon Business) you can review your purchase request from the Neo1 platform under Purchase, select the Amazon Purchase request by selecting the "Edit" button, and choose the delivery address at the bottom of the "Edit Purchase" details screen and select Update.  This will ensure that Amazon Business has the correct delivery address for the order.