Audience: Neo1 Admins


In this article, let's cover end-to-end testing which is a process that ensures your spend setup meets your needs and does not contain any gaps. We will follow each step: Justify - Approve - Review - Process. End-to-end testing will also give you an opportunity to confirm your understanding of the spend management workflow. 



You can use your profile, or log as another user to test the justify step. Note that a supervisor must be assigned to the user profile in order to route the transaction for approval. Supervisor assignments can be reviewed and managed by going to Settings > Users

Step 1: Manually create out of pocket or company card transactions or justify a transaction from your Submit company card transactions (from daily file feed)


In this step, the supervisor can review the transaction to ensure that coding is correct and documentation is provided. Log as the supervisor who is responsible for approving the transaction you have just submitted (if not yourself). 

Step 2: Approve or reject the transaction as the assigned supervisor 


In this step, the Finance team can provide a financial check/audit before any spend is allowed to be processed and extracted to the finance system. Not every business requires this step, but when activated is provides a final check that the coding is correct or a final review of any claims where spend policies have been breached. 

Step 3: For your end-to-end test transaction, Finance Role - Spend Management and then How to approve an expense line (transaction) as the assigned finance user

Tip: Be advised that this is the final level of approval, and transactions are unable 
to be rejected beyond this point. 

Once they are in process, any changes to the transaction will require the existing 
transaction to be processed out and managed as an exception outside of the platform. 

As applicable, a new transaction will need to be created with the correct details. 

Please note that some transactions will skip the finance approval stage. This will happen when the audit rate isn't set to 100. 

To change your audit rate as an Admin, go to Settings > General Configuration > Add Audit Rate to 100.


This is the final action within the end-to-end test, to be completed by finance and/or admin users. Here you will see all transactions that have been processed and are ready for reconciliation. This step will allow you to export your test transaction as an extract file or directly into your finance system if you have a connected integration. 

Step 4: Reconciliation : Running extracts from Neo1

Next Steps: Need to find your previous extracts? See this guide.