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Alongside reporting on your own spend, and managing the spend of your business, the platform can also provide reporting across multiple linked instances known as Cross Company Reporting.You can enter into Cross Company Reporting at any stage by changing the to My Organizational Reports under Switch Scope, shown below on the right:

Working with Multiple Companies

Once you have selected My Organizational Reports and you are working with multiple companies, the dashboards will refresh to reflect the larger data source and show data from all linked companies. You can also work with Cross Company Reports with:

  • Predefined Reports: Once you have chosen My Organization Reports, you will be viewing spend across all linked companies you have been given access to. The platform will confirm this in the green bar stating; You are currently viewing Data for [Company Name] as Organization
  • Report Builder: The report builder allows you to specify the companies you wish to include in the data source, and provides you a drop down menu to select the available companies you have been given access to. This allows you to accurately manage spend across multiple or grouped entities across your organization.

To gain access to linked companies, or if you think a company should exist but does not seem available, please contact your service provider who can assign you access rights to the additional companies to enable this feature.