With this release we have improved the Neo1 design and refined the user experience in order to make your experience more intuitive and smoother.


What changed?


  • The "User profile" has been moved to the upper right corner

  • The "Neo1" logo has taken the place of the old profile button, on the top left, and can be used to redirect the users to the homepage

  • The "Help" button has been moved to the top right

  • The "Dashboard Scope" changer has been transformed from a dropdown to a linear list

General Accessibility

  • "Spend processing timeline" has new icons for "Justify", "Approve", "Review" and "Process" in both "Spend" and "Authorize / Spend" modules 

  • "Page headers" were added for each module in order to give users more clarity

  • "Receipts filters" (for both Spend Receipts and Travel Receipts) are now moved from the upper left corner to the upper right corner of the "Receipt" module

  • For "Admin" user roles, the "Quit log as" function, from the profile menu, has been moved to the top of the menu for better access

Who can benefit from these changes?

All user can now see the changes in Neo1, from both US and UK businesses.