Audience: Neo1 Users


When authorized to receive a virtual Card in Neo1, you can now use this to book travel within the online booking tool of Neo1, plus offline with American Express GBT Travel Counsellors. This article will guide you through enabling your virtual Card for travel booking.


Finding virtual Card in Neo1

These steps run through displaying your own virtual Card in your personal profile.

Step 1: As a user, log into Neo1 as normal and open your profile page by selecting your intials in the top left of the page. Select Payment Methods from the profile menu which appears

Step 2: Under this screen you will see the payment Cards assigned to your user profile. You can see the virtual Card here which will display as a Type: Virtual Card

Enabling for use with travel 

These steps cover enabling the virtual Card for use with travel, for online and offline booking.

Step 1: Locate the toggle switch called Used for Travel

Step 2: Toggle this so it is on and appears blue

Thats it! Your Card will now be available when booking travel online and offline.

Tip: Ensure you have funded your virtual card by requesting a budget before booking
travel. Click here for instructions on creating a budget to fund a virtual card