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Employee spend, otherwise known as indirect spend or 'long-tail' can cover anything you need to run the business outside of direct costs and wages. This could be IT equipment, office furniture, workwear, stationary or kitchen appliances. Many businesses overlook these areas or utilise sourcing methods which mean purchase evidences are mislaid or not captured correctly. All of this leads to loss of potential VAT reclaimable by the business, and this can add up!

Amazon Business customers using Neo1 can now set buying policies on their account to block merchants for which VAT invoices are not provided. Once enabled, ineligible offers will be filtered out of search results by default, and buyers will no longer be able to purchase them.

These steps will guide you on setting up an Amazon Business purchasing policy to enable these controls, meaning you can be assured that employees are only using approved suppliers through the Amazon Business marketplace which are fully registered for the UK VAT and can provide the required evidence enabling you to make a reclaim.

Step 1: Log into Amazon Business with a user that has Amazon Administrator rights. You can access this from Neo1 by clicking Purchase and Shop under the Amazon Business tile.

Step 2: Access your Amazon Business Settings. Click on the dropdown next to the shopping cart under your username to reveal Account Details, and Select Business Settings:

Step 3: Find the area called Buying Policies, and Select Buying Policies & approvals:

The next screen will display the policies and controls you have in place. Click Add policy to create a new one.

Select Block items without a downloadable VAT invoice

Step 4: Confirm the policy name and message to buyers on the next screen, and click Save Policy

Done! The policy will now be displayed under Buying Policies & Approvals

If your users try and purchase an item blocked by this policy, the message you have chosen in Step 4 will be presented and the item will be restricted