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Once the connection is confirmed, you are ready to map each individual card to the associated user. Mapping a card will ensure that transactions flow into the individual user profile, allowing them to justify those expenses and send them for approval.

Please note, there may be a delay in between data being transmitted into Neo1 after connection is confirmed. The data transmitted will only include transactions that are incurred after the card "start date" that you define during your file feed request. If transactions have not occurred on certain cards, those cards will not appear as an available mapping option until a transaction has occurred. 

How to Map Connected Cards

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Step 1: Click Settings

Step 2: Click Payment methods

Step 3: Find your physical card (you may have multiple if you have multiple BCA's) and click the view icon to see your available card assignee options


Step 4: Review card data and click the "change" button in the assignee field for each unassigned card. 

Step 5: Find the appropriate assignee and click "confirm".