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Amazon Business is a digital store that serves millions of business customers across the world, providing the selection, convenience and fast delivery that customers love about Amazon with exclusive benefits for business. 

If you are new to Amazon Business you can sign up via the following links:

United Kingdom:  Amazon UK

United States:  Amazon US

To order Amazon Business items through Neo1, you first need to link your Neo1 and Amazon Business accounts. Check out our ‘How to link Neo1 to your Amazon Business account help guide if you’ve not done this yet. This guide provides a step-by-step view for users on how to buy on Amazon Business from their Neo1 account. 

How to buy on Amazon Business through Neo1

Step 1: Login to Neo1 and navigate to the Purchase module on the menu.

Step 2: Click Buy to be taken to the Amazon Business website. 

At this point you leave Neo1, but you will be taken back once you have completed your cart. Here you can shop the Amazon site for whatever you need, and all items you place in your cart and checkout are treated as a single purchase request within Neo1.

Step 3: Browse and select the items you would like to order. 

You browse products and add them to your shopping basket as you usually would when shopping directly on the Amazon site. For this example, we will purchase some paper for a Home Office.

Step 4: Submit your items for approval

Once you have selected the items you would like to order, rather than ‘Proceed to checkout’ you can ‘Submit these items for approval’. 

You will now be returned to the Neo1 platform. Neo has created an Amazon Purchase Request for your amazon shopping basket called Amazon Purchase - followed by todays date. 

Step 5: Edit your order to submit

Click on Edit here to provide the required details to submit this basket for approval to your manager. 

Complete this Purchase Request by providing a Purpose. In this example I have completed this as an internal request, but if enabled in your configuration you could assign this transaction to any client projects you are working on. (Optional) You can also modify the Name and complete any of the coding segments. Coding options and wording will be based on your Finance System.  

Within this screen, you will see an option for the Delivery Address at the bottom. You can open the drop down and choose the required delivery address here. 

You can click on Manage Addresses to get back to the Addresses areas of the Profile to manage the available addresses if needed. More information on working with multiple addresses for Amazon Business can be found in the guide here.

Finally, click Update when complete.

Note: You will note the expiry date of the request is exactly 7 days. Amazon will hold the itinerary for your order and hold the price of the request for the 7 day period. After this has expired, the Purchase Request will need to be re-submitted.

Step 6: Submit your order request 

You are now able to click ‘Submit’ on the Purchase page in the line corresponding to your Purchase Request. This will trigger an email to your supervisor configured in Neo1 to approve your request.

Your request will show as Waiting for Approval..

..and your dashboard will also be updated with Purchase submitted for Approval:

Once this has been approved, Amazon will process your order and your items will be delivered!