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In this article, we will cover how to mobile capture receipts utilizing the Neo1 Mobile App for spend management. The application allows you to capture images of receipts & invoices whilst on the move, meaning you will never misplace a purchase evidence! The application allows the capture of out of pocket expense receipts and, if captured after the card transaction generates in Neo1, also links receipts to card purchases directly.

The Neo1 Employee Spend Management app is now available to download in the Apple Appstore and Google Play. Click the link below to download the application:

How to capture a receipt/invoice 

You will access the app using your existing Neo1 credentials 

Step 1: Log in to the app. You will access the app using your existing Neo1 credentials

Step 2: Select Capture & upload a receipt 

Step 3: Take a photograph of the receipt, or use an existing image/PDF

On the next screen, the app activates your device camera to capture the receipt image. You have three buttons on the bottom bar of the app:

1. Select existing image from your photo library

2. Take a picture of the image with the camera

3. Choose an existing PDF downloaded on your device

Choose the option needed - if choosing to take a picture, ensure the text is readable and all required data is within the capture area (date, merchant, amount)

Step 4: Confirm your image

Confirm the image / PDF is usable, and click on Use this Receipt. Alternatively click on try again to take another picture / choose another file. 

The receipt will then be scanned to extract as much information automatically from the receipt as possible.

Step 5: Confirm the extracted detail

Check the details we have automatically read from the receipt, and edit/complete as required. 

Click Save

That's it! Your image has now been processed by Neo1. If this relates to an existing card transaction, this will automatically be linked to the transaction in Neo1.

If this is for a personal expense claim, please open the web application ( and start a new personal expense, and select this image from the receipt library. All of the information we extracted from the receipt will then be completed within your transaction automatically (see Spend Management for End Users) on how to create a new personal expense)

Next Steps: Now that you have captured your receipt/invoice, you are ready to manually create out of pocket or company card transactions or submit company card transactions (from daily file feed).