Audience: Neo1 Admin | Primary Card Holder 


In this article, we'll learn how connect your Business card program and how to create virtual Cards, a powerful tool for streamlining expense management.  


Step 1: Connect & Configure

  • Start by logging in to your Neo1 account 
  • Once logged in, you'll be directed to the Neo1 dashboard
  • Go to settings and locate the Connect & Configure tile for virtual Cards

Step 2: Validate your information

  • Confirm that you are authorized to establish this connection
  • Confirm your business contact information
  • Confirm that you have credentials for My Account 

Step 3: Connect to Card Account

You'll now be prompted to be redirected to the  login page 

  • Enter your login credentials - User ID and password - for My Account
  • Click on login 

Step 4: Enroll & Authorize  

Now you are ready to enroll and authorize the your Card for virtual Cards. 

  • Select the Card you want to enroll
  • Enter a nickname for your account
  • Enter the three digit security code 
  • Read and agree to the terms and conditions 
  • Click on enroll and authorize


Step 5: Issue virtual Cards

  • Select the users you want to issue virtual Cards (all users are selected by default)

Confirm your selections and proceed.    

Tips: Until you approve budget funding requests, virtual Cards can't be used as they have no funds assigned. 

An email will be sent to selected users, so only issue Cards to active users. 
You can request virtual Cards for additional users at a later date once you are ready to invite them to the platform.

Step 6: Set visual spend monitoring

  • Setup spend limit and notifications for virtual Cards

Step 7: Check for Cards not processed 

  • Your newly created virtual card will be displayed in the "Virtual Cards" section 
  • Click on the Card to access its details and update as necessary to finalize Card processing


Congratulations, you've successfully created a virtual Card on the Neo1 platform. This virtual Card can now be used for controlled and secure expense management.  


        Remember to keep your virtual Card details secure. 

        Regularly review transactions to monitor expenses and stay within your spending limit. 

        Take advantage of any reporting or analytics features provided by Neo1 to gain insights into your spending patterns

Next Steps: Now that you have learned how to create a virtual Card, let's cover approving virtual Cards and budgets.