Audience: Neo1 Supervisors | Funding Approver


To fund a virtual Card, a cardholder/user must request a budget in Neo1 with amount, purpose and validity date. The user's supervisor must approve this, and (if different) the funding approver within Neo1. The Funding Approver is the Admin who connected their card to Neo1 to issue virtual Cards.


Approving a Budget in Neo1

These steps should be followed when you have been alerted that a Budget requires approval (this will be sent via email).

Step 1: Log into Neo1, and access the Authorize feature on the left hand menu, then click on Budget in the top menu which will appear.

Step 2: A table of open budgets that require approval will be presented. Click on a row/item to open and review a specific budget item.

Step 3: Review details and click on Approve or Reject in the top right hand side. 

Step 4: The budget may still need approval from the Supervisor or Funding Approver (depending on your role within Neo1). You can review the status of the approval request from this view, which shows approvals required:

On this page, the initials of the designated approver(s) is shown in a circle, and approvals given are shown as green. Outstanding approvals are shown as white circles, so this Budget will still require an extra approval before the virtual Card is funded. 

Next Steps: Congrats! You are ready to approve virtual cards and budgets, effectively funding your Cards.