Audience: Neo1 Admin | Neo1 User | Primary Card Holder


In this article, let's explore how the virtual Cards integration functions from end-to-end. Review the provided steps and role-based overviews to manage expectations and gain an understanding of the what, when and who behind setup and use of virtual Cards. 


End-to-End Overview (By Steps)

Below, review the order of steps to using virtual Cards. This will help your team to visualize the virtual Card experience as an admin/primary card holder and spending team member. 

Connect - Issue - Request Budget - Approve - Spend

1. The funding card holder enrolls their card via Neo1.

2. The funding card holder issues virtual Cards (they cannot be used until budget is approved).

3. The virtual Card holder (employee) requests a budget (to fund their virtual Card).

4. The supervisor and funding card holder approve.

5. The virtual Card holder (employee) can add their virtual Card to mobile wallet.

End-to-End Overview (by role)

Below, review the action items to be taken by each team member from card connection to spending. This will help your team better prepare to integrate virtual Cards. Ready? Let's gain an understanding of the goals/responsibilities...

As a funding card holder:

  • Connect your funding Card to Neo1
  • Issue virtual Cards to employees

As a Supervisor:

  • Approve employees request to fund virtual Card (against a budget)

As an Employee (who was issued a virtual Card):

  • Update your Neo1 profile to include a valid phone number and address
  • Request a budget to fund the virtual Card
  • Add virtual Card to mobile wallet 
  • Make a purchase! 

Next Steps: Now that we have reviewed an overview of the end-to-end experience, let's explore why you should use virtual Cards in your business.