Audience: Neo1 Users


When authorized to receive a virtual Card from your Company, you can check this in Neo1 and view the status of your current funding and spend limits. 

You can view the Card assigned to your user profile and control if this is available to use when booking travel. You can also see the full details of the Card, such as the long number (PAN), expiry date and CSC security code for making purchases at online retailers. 

You can also see the status of spend and balance of the Card, and in a later guide request additional funds if needed so you have available credit for future spending.


Checking a Card has been assigned to you in your user profile and viewing Card details

Follow these steps to view the virtual Card in Neo1

Step 1: As a user, log into Neo1 as normal and open your profile page by selecting your intials in the top right of the page. Select Payment Methods from the profile menu which appears

Step 2: Under this screen you will see the payment Cards assigned to your user profile. You can see the virtual Card here which will display as a Type: Virtual Card

You can view the full details of your Card by selecting View Details as shown below. 

Here you can also toggle the 'Used for travel' button to ensure this Card is available when booking with Neo1 either online or offline with an Amex GBT agent. By default, this is enabled.


Step 3: Enter your password to confirm your identify, and click Confirm.

Step 4: You will now be presented with your virtual Card, and have all details needed to make an online purchase. You can click Copy to copy the long Card number into the clipboard and paste into an online store for convenience. 

Tip: When adding the Card into a mobile wallet, you can use the camera function to scan and input your Card details, should your device support this feature. 

Checking the funding status of your virtual Card 

By default, your virtual Card has no funding - this means you effectively have an allowed credit spend limit of zero until a budget is created and approved. We cover the requesting of a budget to increase funding in a different article, these are the steps on checking your current Card funding status within Neo1.

Step 1: As a user logged into Neo1, select Budgets from the left hand menu to open the Budgets feature. Here you will see if any budgets are currently active for your virtual Card. 

Budgets which are linked to your virtual Card (and therefore impact funding are shown with a Card icon as the type, example of this icon shown here:

An example of a budget linked to your virtual Card is shown below:

At a glance, you can see that due to this budget:

  • The virtual Card curently has a funding limit of $1,500.
  • The funding is valid from November 6th 2023 to December 6th 2023, at which point I will need to request additional funds as this budget will close.
  • You have not spent/used any of the current funding limit. 

Step 2: To see a detailed breakdown of the budget, click anywhere on the budget itself to open a detailed view. Here you can do a number of things:

  1. View the history of the budget, including timestamps for submission and approval and any modifications previously requested
  2. Request a change to the budget, for increasing or decreasing the funding limit or the end date. Any changes will be routed for approval in the same way as when the budget was initially submitted.
  3. View any transactions where you have used your virtual Card for purchases.

Next Steps: Request a budget in Neo1 to increase the funding level of your virtual Card, or modify an existing budget to extend/decrease your approved funding.