Thank you for Choosing Neo1!

Its great that you are looking to register your Company on Neo1!  From managing expense reports & budgets to purchasing printer paper (Amazon Business) or booking travel, your business can manage it all in one place with Neo1!

The following guide walks you through the 2 stages that are required to complete a new company registration on neo1:

Note: If your company has already signed up with Neo1 we suggest you contact your internal company Administrator for help with logging on your company's site. Your site Administrator can send you a link to login and set your password. This guide is only relevant for Companies who have not yet registered on Neo1.

Stage 1: Create Your Company Online

2. Enter your Company name, website and location

3. Select continue
4. Provide your title, name and mobile number

5. Select continue

6. Provide your role, Company and email address

7. Review and agree to our terms and conditions of business and privacy policy.

8. Complete the reCAPTCHA questio- helps us ensure you are a human!

9. Select continue

Note: providing your role helps us understand the level of access you will need when setting up your Company settings
10.  A verification email will be sent, click on the email link to activate your account
11. Provide a password for your new user account in Neo1

12. Login to Neo1 and complete stage 2 to activate your Company.  This will only take 3 minutes!

Stage 2: Log in and Activate Your Company

13. Log into Neo1

14. Select lets start


Note: We recommend saving the Neo1 URL in your web browser bookmark:
15. Enter the Company Registration Number (once entered, neo1 will attempt to  auto complete as much of the form fields as possible)

16.  Complete any blank fields that were not auto completed by neo1
  • Registered company name
  • Company type
  • Year of registration
  • Any additional trading name
  • Industry type
  • VAT number
  • Number of employees

17. Provide or confirm your company address
18. Enter any beneficial owners of the company

19. Select Save and Continue

20. Select Send the request

Congrats!  Your Company Registration is complete.  

Next Let's move on to Step 2:

Connect your Finance System to Neo1.  

Note: Providing the names of your Company's beneficial owners is required as part of American Express Global Business Travel's due diligence checks (including but not limited to government watchlists and PEP, politically exposed persons) Individuals owning 25% stake or more in the company should be listed.

Congrats!  You have now completed your Company Registration.  

While we complete a few security checks and enable your account for travel services, 

please proceed to Step 2: Connecting Your Finance System its quick and easy!