Once you have registered your business and created your Neo1 account, you are able to invite your users into the platform.

You can do this in two ways:

1. Online by adding users within the Users section of the Neo1 application

2. Load a bulk of users using the XLS import file (email help@neo1.com for help with bulk user loading)

For companies of less than 50 users, we recommend using Option 1. If you have a larger amount of users, reach out to Neo1 to request a bulk user upload using the attached template. 

Option 1 - Adding Users Online

Step 1: As a user with the Administrator role, click Settings and select the Users tab (2nd tab at the top of the screen)

Step 2: Select the blue add button (shown as a blue plus) on the top right hand side of the screen

Step 3: Create your user. The required fields are:

  • User Title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email (this will also be the login)
  • Preferred Currency (used for expense entry and reporting currency) 
  • Password (please use any password for now, the users will create their own)
  • Account Status (choose active)
  • Supervisor (The line manager for the user, who will approve purchases and transactions)
  • Role (Use this to define additional Administrator Users, choose Finance users who will review spend and export to Finance Systems, and Arranger to allow people to arrange travel for others)

Use Default Coding when you use Neo1 for expenses, to choose which Accounting Segments should be defaulted based on the User profile. For example, here you can set the users Department for Cost Centre if you have these configured in Accounting Segments. This can speed up employee expense entry and lead to a better user experience.

Select Done when finished to create your new user.

Step 4: Your user will now be listed in the table. To trigger a welcome email, you now need to select Reinvite from the Actions column. The user will click the link in this email to set their own password for the service.

User Profile password re-set: either instruct your users to log in at https://app.neo1.com and use their email address as a username, and the password just chosen to gain access to Neo1.  Or, using your Admin access, go to the Settings tab > Users and select the 're-invite' icon next to their name to immediately send a password reset email. 

Note: There is an extra step to enable you users to be able to submit out of pocket cash expenses. This allows you to control who can submit expenses in the business. Click here to see the instructions to enable this for your new users. 

Option 2 - Using the Neo1 XLS Import File

Email help@neo1.com and we will do this for you.

For the following columns, please note the following conventions to use:

  • Columns A & B: Should be the same, use the user email address
  • Column C: ID Please use the external employee ID from your HR system, which is also used on Column K. (optional if you are using travel only)
  • Column I: The Status column will also determine if you want to send the invite now or later. Please set to "pending_activation" to send an invite upon set-up. Please use "active" to bypass the invitation at this time. 


Save the file with your company name included in the file name.