Audience: Neo1 Admins


Getting your Neo1 company connected to your Xero Accounting platform takes minutes! This process will map Neo1 Accounting fields for your Xero Account codes and will synchronise your tax codes to Neo1


Connecting Neo1 to your Xero Account

Step 1: Click on Settings

Step 2: Click on Connect to Xero

Step 3: Click on Confirm in the confirmation box

Step 4: You will now be taken to the Xero login to authenticate. Login with your Xero Administrator credentials

Step 5: Chose your company and select Allow Access. If you have more than one company under your Xero login, you may be prompted to choose which company you wish to connect to Neo1 

Note: You can only connect one Xero company to Neo1 at a time. If you have multiple
companies, please speak to Neo1 customer support who will be able to create additional Neo1
child companies for you to manage this scenario.

Step 6: Once you have clicked on Allow Access, you will be redirected back into Neo1. Wait a few seconds for your Xero settings to be synchronised, and then you will be presented with the following screen to map your default zero rated tax codes.

Step 7: In these dropdown lists you can choose which Xero tax code you wish to use in the following scenarios:

Once you have confirmed these choices, click Continue.

Step 8: You have now successfully linked Neo1 and Xero! 

You can check this by looking under Settings

Validate that all data has been imported correctly

Step 1: Click on Settings 

Step 2: Click on Expense 

Step 3: You can see your Xero Account field on the first field line. You can view the accounting codes in the right pane. 

Step 4: Click on Taxes under Settings > Expense. Here you can see the taxes that are linked to Xero.

Next Steps: Create additional account field(i.e. Cost centre, Department etc.) (optional)
If you don't need to create any additional accounting fields then please follow the
Next step: Mapping Expense types (mandatory)