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In this article, we will cover how to place a trip on hold. This feature is specific to airfare, and will hold the trip for 24 hours. For some fares or for trips booked on short notice the airline might require the ticket the same day as booking. In this case the trip can't be held for 24 hours and will need to be confirmed the same day. 

Place a trip on hold

Step 1: Start by creating your desired trip. When you arrive to the itinerary page, you are ready to place the trip on hold, as desired. 

Step 2: Before you place the trip on hold, you can see the latest ticketing details under "Show details". 

Step 3: Click the Hold button in the right hand navigation. 

Please note that hold is a courtesy extended by airlines. Though rare, while on "hold" the airline is allowed to take back the seat at any time without notice to service their actively ticketing/ticketed passengers.