Setting up pre-trip approval in Neo1

Pre-trip approval is set at company level so this will be for all users as well. If you have users where you don't want to have pre-trip approval you can leave the supervisor in the user's profile blank. If there is no supervisor in a user’s profile the trip will be booked regardless. 

There are 2 ways to set up pre-trip approval:

1. For all trips

2. For trips that are booked out of policy

The approval process comes with a few exceptions:

- Anything that is booked that is 'instant purchase' for example Lowcost airlines, rail bookings and pre-paid hotel rates will be booked regardless of the approval process as we can't put these fares and rate on Hold.

 - A trip that doesn't include any 'instant purchase' segments needs to be approved within 24 hours. As long as a trip is not approved the airline is still allowed to take back any unconfirmed seats and fares. This usually doesn't happen but when a flight is full and they need the seats or when the booking is made close to the departure date this can happen.


Below is the Neo1 default travel policy but if you would like to make any changes then please reach out to the Neo1 team ( The policy is set at company level, so this will be in place for all users.


Provided below are the default Travel policy settings in Neo1. 

            • Business class allowed over 6 hours

            • Economy preferred and shown first unless it’s after 8 hours and then business is shown first

            • Economy rail preferred and shown first but first-class rail is allowed

            • All hotels compliant

            • Air Premium Economy is allowed although, Economy is shown first


Our Neo1 Customer Success team can switch on the pre-trip approval for you company. Please reach out to the team by sending an email to and advise which option you would like to switch on (All Trips or Trips booked out of Policy)