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When establishing your segment, you are presented with the option to select a "Parent Segment". Selecting a parent segment allows you to pull from the parent segment values to determine segment code relationships. 

An established relationship will mean that when you select a certain value for one segment - "Segment A", only certain values will populate for another segment - "Segment B".  

Note: Before you can set dependencies you will first need to create segments.
You can set dependencies at the time of the initial segment creation, of after each segment is established


Create segment dependencies

Step 1: Set the Parent segment in a new or existing segment by using the dropdown and select the parent for this segment.

In the example below, we are setting Client as the Parent Segment, effectively linking the segment Project Name to the existing segment Client

Step 2: Click on Confirm. You can see the parent of the segment in the Parent Segment column

Step 3: Link the appropriate segment values. Click on View (eyeball icon)

Step 4: You can create a new value or edit an existing value by hovering your mouse over the line of the value and click on Edit (pencil icon)

Step 5: Select the parent value(s)

Step 6: Click on Confirm. Once saved, the relationship will successfully be established between both values 

Tip: If you have segment values that should always be visible, do not assign a dependency.

Next Steps: Now that we have covered segment dependencies, let's review Segment Default Coding Sources