When establishing your segment, you are presented with the option to select a "Parent Segment". Selecting a parent segment allows you to pull from the parent segment values to determine segment code relationships. An established relationship will mean that when you select a certain value for one segment - "Segment A", only certain values will populate for another segment - "Segment B". 


You will start by following the segment setup instructions provided in this guide. You can set dependencies at the time of the initial segment setup, or after each segment is established. 

The first step to setting a segment dependency is to set an existing segment as the Parent Segment. 

In this example, we are setting Client as the Parent Segment, effectively linking the segment Project Name to the existing segment Client

Next, we will link the appropriate segment values. Click the eyeball, show segment, icon on the appropriate segment to view values. 

This will take you into the segment value window. You can edit a segment value, to establish the segment code dependency, by clicking on the pencil, edit, icon (to the right of the segment value name). 

This will open up the edit segment value window, where the parent value(s) can be selected. In this example, we are selecting Client A to create a dependency for Project Name - Hospital A. Click Done to save. 

Once saved, the relationship will successfully be established between both values. You can confirm this dependency by creating a test spend transaction. In the example below, when Client A is selected, the only available Project Name value is Hospital A.