Audience: Neo1 Admins


If you need to remove the funding from a user's virtual Card but may need to fund the Card in the future, these steps will take you through modifying the budget which has funded the card back to a zero limit, ensuring the card cannot be used for any further purchases.  

It is expected that in early 2024, there will be a freeze/unfreeze option in Neo1 which will replace these steps, however these are the current instructions. 


Login as the user (using your Admin access)

Step 1: Log into Neo1

Step 2: Click on Settings in the menu-bar on the left hand-side

Step 3: Click on Users on top of the page

Step 4: Hover your mouse over the line of the user and click on the Key symbol on the right hand-side.

This will take you to the dashboard of the user you have selected

Access the budget which is funding the virtual Card and make changes

Step 1: Locate the virtual Card budget by opening the Budgets feature of Neo1 (select Budgets from left hand menu)

Step 2: Locate your virtual Card budget, which will have a symbol of a Card as the type and click on this line to view budget details:

Step 3:Select Request Change to make changes

Step 4: Make the required changes to amount (make this zero to remove funding) end date (set to today) and click Save and Submit.

The changes will then be requested and sent to the supervisors for approval. The screen will update to show the pending changes:

Step 5: These changes will now be routed for approval to the users supervisor for approval. The budgets screen will display which supervisor (and possible funding approver) this is currently sat with for approval. Please reach out to the listed approvers to approve this change in Neo1 (see this article on how supervisors can approve budgets)