By default, each company is established with over 20 segments that can be configured to support your business needs. 

Typically, companies will need 3-5 segments to be configured and an Administrator can easily do this via “Settings” > ” Accounting” tab. Simply select the segment by selecting on the “Edit” icon – define a name, description, if it is mandatory or optional, and if the population of the segment is via free text or via a closed select list (choose from a list of variables). 

You can create as many segments as you need but for simplicity, limiting your segments to 3 or 4 is ideal. Make sure the field names are concise is also important. To create individual codes to be used for closed list segments, simply add codes to the segment,  you can also define an owner of the code so that they will be responsible for approving purchases assigned to that specific code.  You can also define segment and code relationships allowing for specific codes to only be used for specific relationships to other segments and codes i.e. for Customer 123 only use project codes XYZ.

A detailed guide on setting up Account Codes can be found in the guide for manually setting up your Finance System here