When creating segment codes for an established segment, you are presented with the option to assign a "code owner". Code ownership allows an assigned user to be granted visibility and control over spend (expense/budget) submissions that include that particular code. When a code owner is assigned, any submissions with that code will trigger an approval request, routed to that code owner. 


To create a code owner, you must first create a segment following this guide. Within that set-up process, you will then be tasked with creating your segment codes, and a code owner can be assigned at that time. In the example below, our segment is "Account Code". 

Our segment value that we are setting is "Property Cost". Within the set-up box for this segment value, we will note that one of the available fields is "code owner". When selecting the code owner drop-down, you are presented with the option to assign any member of your team. Select the appropriate team member and click Done

You can manage changes to code owner assignments at any time by returning to the appropriate segment code and updating using the pencil "edit" icon.



When a spend item (budget/expense) has been submitted by a user, including a code with an established code owner, the code owner will be notified, via email, that they have a pending approval request. This approval is managed by logging into Neo1 and clicking the Authorize tile. 

Once selected, you will be presented with a list of your pending approval requests. 

To approve or reject pending requests, hover to the far right of the desired line and click the appropriate icon. If you reject the submission, you will be prompted to include a reason. To view the details for the submission, click the eyeball view icon.