Spend policy is found under Settings. Creating a spend policy will allow you to define a spend limit for a specific expense type. When a spend policy is set, expense submissions containing that expense type will then be effectively labeled as out of policy anytime a submission exceeds the established threshold. For instance, if an airfare policy is set at $1000, and a user submits an airfare expense for approval that is $1,500, that submission will be marked as "out of policy". This will be visible to the employee and assigned supervisor tasked with approval of that submission. 

Tip: When setting hotel policy, note that this is for the total booking and not a per night limit. 


Start by navigating to Settings > Spend policies

Click the plus, "Create Spend Policy" button in the top right hand corner.

This will open the "Create Spend Policy" panel. Expense type and maximum amount are mandatory fields. The entry of country/state will allow spend policies to be set by location. 

When finished, click Done

To manage an existing spend policy, go to Settings > Spend policies.

Click the pencil "edit" icon to right of the appropriate spend policy. 

Update as desired. When finished, click Done.